“apt get install” Command Tutorial

apt-get install command is one of the most useful commands for the deb-based distributions. The apt is a package manager mostly used by deb-based distributions. Deb-based distributions mean distributions using the deb packages like Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Kali, etc. The “apt-get install” command is also used as “apt install” which provides the very same features and options.

“apt-get install” Command Syntax

The “apt-get install” command has the following simple syntax where the package names are provided.

  • PACKAGE1, PACKAGE2, PACKAGE3 … are packages that will be installed.

Install Package with “apt-get install”

The “apt-get install” command is used to install packages in Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, and Kali operating systems. The package name is provided after the command. In the following example, we install the package named docker .

$ sudo apt-get install docker
Install Package with “apt-get install”

Install Multiple Packages

The “apt-get install” command can be also used to install multiple packages at once. The packages are provided by separating them spaces. In the following example, we install the packages named docker , virt-manager and gedit .

$ sudo apt-get install docker virt-manager gedit

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