Linux echo Command Usage In Bash Script

Linux provides the echo command in order to print given text or string into the command line interface. The echo command can be used in different shell environments like Bash, Csh, etc. We can use the echo command in the bash interactive shell or in a bash script. The usage of the echo command in … Read more

What Does echo Command Do In Unix?

The Unix operating system provides echo command in order to display some text or string in the terminal. The echo command is generally used to print variables into the terminal. Also, Linux distributions like Debian, Kali, RedHat, Fedora, Ubuntu, etc. support the echo command by default. echo String In Unix We can print some strings … Read more

Echo Command Output To A File In Linux

The echo command is used to print some text into the terminal or console or command line interface. The echo command prints provided text into the standard output which is the current terminal or console or command line interface. But we can use the echo command output in a file in Linux. Write Into File … Read more

How To Force Delete Directory In Linux?

The rmdir command is used to delete directories in Linux. The rmdir command simply removes or deletes an empty directory but does not work with non-empty directories. If we try to remove a non-empty directory in Linux with the rmdir command we get an error like below. Force Delete Directory with rm Command We should … Read more

How To Install RPM Packages In Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution that is used by end users and enterprises. The RPM package format is a popular Linux packaging format used to manage, install, update and uninstall packages in a Linux system. Ubuntu uses the DEB packages via the apt, dpkg, or apt-get commands which is an alternative to the RPM … Read more

Extract Substring In Bash

Linux bash is used to run complex commands or scripts to accomplish different tasks. Bash is generally used to work with different types of string and string data. One of the most popular operations is extracting substrings using the bash command line interface. In this tutorial, we examine how to extract substring in bash. Extract … Read more

How To Change User ID (uid) In Linux?

Every Linux user has a unique ID in order to distinguish them. These user IDs are used in different areas like permission, log, and kernel-level operations. The regular user ID’s start from 1000 and are incremented with every new user. You may ask if you can change the existing user ID in Linux. The answer … Read more

Restart Linux via Command Line Interface

Linux is a command line-based operating system where all tasks can be completed via the command line interface. We can restart the Linux system via command line interface using different commands and methods. In this tutorial, we examine how to restart Linux via command line interface. Restart Linux with reboot Command The reboot command is … Read more

How To Make A Directory Public In Linux?

Linux provides permissions in order to allow or deny access to a directory. By default, a directory is only accessible by its owner after the directory creation. But sometimes we may want to make a directory public which means everyone can access, read, write and execute the directory content. In this tutorial, we examine how … Read more