Certbot SSL/TLS Certificate Renew

Certbot can be used for different SSL/TLS related certificate operations. Certbot provides free SSL/TLS certificates in order to be used with the HTTPS connections. The “certbot renew” command is used to renew existing SSL/TLS certificates. Every SSL/TLS certificate has an end of time. By using the “certbot renew” command the certificate can be renewed which updates the certificate and end of the time of the certificate.

Renew Specified Domain Certificate For Apache Web Server

Apache is one of the most popular web servers. The SSL/TLS certificates are server by the web server in order to make the HTTPS connection. So in order to renew SSL/TLS certificate, we should specify the webserver type. The –apache option is used for Apache web servers. The domain name is specified with the –domain option. The -n option is used to run certificate renewal without a command prompt.

sudo certbot renew --apache --domain linuxtect.com -n 

Renew Specified Domain Certificate For Nginx Web Server

Nginx is another popular web server. If the web server of the domain is Nginx we should replace the –apache option with the –nginx option for certificate renawal.

sudo certbot renew --nginx --domain linuxtect.com -n 

Simulate SSL Certificate Renewal

When the certificate renawal starts differen tasks are executed. In some cases the SSL/TLS ceritifcate renawal operation may be interrupted for different reasons like permission, filename etc. The SSL/TLS certificate renwal operation can be simulated in order to check if there is an error. This is also called as dry run which do not renew the certificate and only simulates it.

sudo certbot renew --nginx --domain linuxtect.com -n --dry-run

Select Domain Name From List To Renew

Upto now we have provided the domain name with the cerbot command. Alternatively we can select the domain name from an interactive list which is provided by the certbot command. This command lists all existing domains in the current system. Just navigate with the up and down array and press Enter to select the domain to renew SSL/TLS certificate.

sudo certbot renew --nginx --domain linuxtect.com

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