Linux rmdir Command Tutorial

The Linux operating system provides the rmdir command in order to remove directories. But there is an important point where the rmdir command can only delete an empty directory. If a directory has some files it can not be deleted with the rmdir command. The rmdir name comes from Remove Directory . Remove Empty Directory … Read more

Linux “rm -rf” Command

Linux distributions provide the rm command in order to remove files and directories. The rm command provides a different option which rm -rf is one of the most popular of them. By default, the rm command without any option does not delete a directory with contents. But the “rm -rf” command is used to delete … Read more

How To Force Remove Directory In Linux?

Linux provides the rmdir command in order to delete a directory. But while using the rmdir command we may get an error like “rmdir: failed to remove ‘nmap’: Directory not empty”. This is caused by a non-empty directory that contains child directories and files. But we can remove this directory by forcing removal with different … Read more