“ssh_exchange_identification connection closed by remote host” Error and Solution

"ssh_exchange_identification connection closed by remote host" Error and Solution

SSH protocol provides secure communication with remote systems in an easy way. When using the SSH protocol and tools to connect to the remote system there are different security checks. These checks may prevent or rejects the SSH connections. The ssh_exchange_identification connection closed by remote host error occurred when the remote system or SSH server … Read more

SSH “Error Permission Denied(publickey)” Error and Solution

SSH "Error Permission Denied(publickey)" Error and Solution

During establishing an SSH connection you may get the “Error permission denied (publickey)” error. This error prevents you from connecting to the remote system via SSH. The remote system can be Linux, Ubuntu, Mint, Kali, Linode Server, Digital Ocean Server or AWS server, etc. This error is generated because of cryptographic keys. “Error Permission Denied(publickey)” … Read more