Run Cron Job Every Minute

Linux provides the cron job for the jobs, tasks, or processes which should be run at the specified intervals. A cron job can be configured for different intervals like daily, weekly, every two days at the specified time, etc. One of the most used intervals is running a job every minute.

Run Cron Job In Every Minute

The cron jobs are stored in a file named /etc/crontab file. This crontab file contains some jobs by default. These preexisting jobs run in different intervals. The format of the crontab file is like below.

cat /etc/crontab
Run Cron Job In Every Minute

To add a new job that runs in every minute the crontab command can be used. The -e option is provided to edit crontab file with the current user privileges.

crontab -e

Now we will set the crontab configuration. In this example we will run the touch command to create a file in the “/tmp/test”.

 *   *   *   *    touch /tmp/test 

Run Script Every Minute

Also a script can be executed in every minute by using the cron job. The process is the same where the crontab file is opened with the following command.

crontab -e

The script is named as “” and located under the /home/ismail/.

 *   *   *   *    /home/ismail/

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