Check and Sort CPU Usage with Top Command In Linux

Linux top command is used to monitor system resources and usage in an elegant way by using the terminal or command line interface. The top command mainly lists the processes and related resource usage like CPU, Memory, etc. The process CPU usage may provide lots of detailed information like interrupts, cache usage, etc which can … Read more

Linux Top Command Memory Usage Tutorial

Linux provides the top command in order to display system resource usage according to the CPU, process, memory, user, disk, etc. One of the most popular features is the ability to list processes according to their memory usage. In this tutorial, we examine how to use the top command to monitor Linux system memory usage … Read more

Linux free Command Tutorial with Examples

Linux free Command Tutorial with Examples

The Linux free command is used to display current memory usage. The free command can be used to show how much RAM memory is available. Is there enough memory to run a new application? etc. The free command is a very simple command which simply shows few lines about the memory. The free command can … Read more