Install Deb Files In Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions with its packages. Ubuntu uses the deb packages in order to install software and tools. The deb packages contain binaries, documentation, libraries, and configurations of the application. The Ubuntu distribution uses the deb package in order to manage and install the software. We can install the … Read more

What Does “sudo apt-get update” Do?

What Does "sudo apt-get update" Do?

Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali, etc. use the deb packages and apt-get for package management. One of the most used package management commands is “sudo apt-get update”. If you are using a newer version the “sudo apt update” command is used. But what does the “sudo apt-get update” comman do? What Does “sudo … Read more

List Upgradeable Packages with apt In Ubuntu

List Upgradeable Packages with apt In Ubuntu

Ubuntu uses the apt and apt-get command in order to manage packages. The apt is the next-generation update of the apt-get command and provides the same features with some extra useful features. The apt command can be used to list upgradeable packages before and upgrade. Update Package and Repository Information with “apt update” The apt … Read more