How To Stop All Docker Containers?

Docker can run multiple containers at the same time. In some cases, we may need to stop all currently running containers in an easy way with a single command. In this tutorial, we provide different ways to stop all docker containers.

Stop All Docker Containers with “docker stop”

Docker provides the docker stop command in order to stop provided containers. The “docker stop” command syntax requires where the docker name is provided. We will use the docker ps -q command in order to provide all running docker names to the “docker stop” command.

$ docker stop $(docker ps -q)

The -q flag only lists the docker containing IDs and this ID list is provided to the “docker stop” command. The “docker stop” command stops all provided IDs.

Stop All Docker Containers with “docker kill”

Another way to stop all running docker containers is using the docker kill command. Actually, the “docker kill” command is very similar to the “docker stop” command where the “docker top” command sends SIGTERM but the “docker kill” command sends SIGKILL signal for all running docker containers.

$ docker kill $(docker ps -q)

Check If All Docker Containers Stopped

After using the “docker kill” or “docker stop” commands to stop all running containers we can check if all dockers are stopped properly by using the “docker ps” command.

$ docker ps

Stop All Docker Containers with Specified Name

In some cases, we may need to stop all running docker containers with a specific name. For example, if we need to stop all docker containers those names contain “postgre” we can use the following command where --filter option is used to filter running containers according to their names.

$ docker kill $(docker ps -q --filter "name=postgre")

Remove All Docker Containers

All existing docker containers can be removed with the docker rm command. The container should be in a stopped state which is described above.

$ docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

Remove All Docker Container Images

After stopping running containers we may need to remove all docker images as we do not need them anymore. The docker rmi command can be used to remove all docker images. The docker images command is used to list all containers and the -q option is provided to list only container IDs.

$ docker rmi $(docker images -q)

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