What Is “chmod 755” and How To Use It?

What Is "chmod 755" and How To Use It?

In Linux the chmod command is used to change permissions for files and directories. The chmod can be used to set owner, group and other permissions by using read , write and execute . These permissions can be used in different ways where the chmod 755 is popular permission used by system administrators. Simply the … Read more

Linux chmod Command Tutorial with Examples

Linux chmod Command Tutorial with Examples

Linux and Unix operating systems provide the chmod command in order to change access permission for the files and folders. The chmod command name comes from change mode . The read, write, execute permissions with the sticky bit feature can be changed by using the chmod command. The chmod command is created in 1971 with … Read more

Linux Bash “Permission Denied” Error and Solutions

Linux Bash "Permission Denied" Error and Solutions

Linux bash can be used to run and execute scripts, programs, applications, and commands in a fast and practical way. When a script, program, application, or command is tried to be executed there may be errors like “Permission Denied“. This error can be caused for different reasons. In this tutorial, we list some solutions to … Read more

What Is Umask In Linux and How To Set Umask?

What Is Umask In Linux and How To Set Umask?

Linux files and directories have access to privileges or rights in order to allow or prevent different users. These permissions consist of reading, write, and execute in basic. There are also some extra permissions. The umask is the expression of these permissions in numerical or symbolic format and also the command which can be used … Read more

What Is “chmod +x” Command In Linux?

What Is "chmod +x" Command In Linux?

Linux provides the chmod command which is used to change file and folder permission. The chmod command is provided by all major Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Mint, Kali, RHEL, SUSE, etc. The chmod command has different options and parameters but the chmod +x is one of the most popular and used options for … Read more