Linux echo Command Usage In Bash Script

Linux provides the echo command in order to print given text or string into the command line interface. The echo command can be used in different shell environments like Bash, Csh, etc. We can use the echo command in the bash interactive shell or in a bash script. The usage of the echo command in … Read more

Bash Concatenate Strings Tutorial

Bash provides very similar features to the programming languages. Concatenating strings are one of the most popular features of the bash. The string concatenation is simply joining multiple strings together or adding all strings into the first string. There are different methods for concatenating strings in bash and we will examine some of them. Concatenate … Read more

How To Create Linux Alias for Two Commands?

How To Create Linux Alias for Two Commands?

Linux alias is used to create an alias for the Linux commands with their options or parameters. The alias is generally used for a single command but there is no restriction on the command count. We can use the Linux alias to create an alias for two or more commands or simply multiple commands. Create … Read more

Where Is The Alias File In Linux For Persistency?

Where Is The Alias File In Linux?

The Linux alias is used to create shortcuts or short forms for the commands. The alias makes a command with options easy to call without remembering all details. If you set an alias but this alias is not saved and cleared after reboots you should use the shell configuration file in order to save the … Read more

.bashrc vs .bash_profile

.bashrc vs .bash_profile

Linux, Unix, and MacOS operating systems provide the bash shell in order to provide a command-line environment and shell. The bash shell has different configurations which can be configured using the .bashrc and .bash_profile files. The .bash and .bash_profile files can be used to set different bash configurations like $PATH, history, alias, command prompt, etc. … Read more

What Does Bash “set -x” do?

What Does Bash "set -x" do?

Bash provides the set command in order to enable or disable different features. The set -x command is used to debug bash script where every executed statement is printed to the shell for debugging or troubleshooting purposes. The set -x command can be directly executed in an interactive bash shell or can be used inside … Read more

Bash Function Tutorial

Bash Function Tutorial

Bash is a command-line interface for the Linux and Unix operating systems where also provides some programming features like functions. The purpose of the bash function is to execute single or multiple commands again and again just calling the function not all commands. Also, the programming languages provide functions but they are more advanced than … Read more

What Is SSH (Secure Shell)?

SSH or Secure Shell is a network protocol used to connect remote systems in a secure way. The SSH provides easy access to the remote systems command-line interface. SSH is very popular between network devices, Linux systems in order to access their management command-line interfaces. SSH provides authentication and authorization features and asks for login … Read more