How To Make Directory In Linux?

Directories are used to store other directories or files in Linux and other operating systems. Directories can be created in different ways like File Managers, Command Line interfaces,s or applications. We can use the mkdir command in order to make a directory in Linux. The mkdir command can be used to create a single directory, … Read more

Linux Top Command Columns and Explanations

Linux top command provides information about the system resource usage like CPU, memory, user, shared memory, process, etc. The top command provides lots of information that can be confusing in detail. This information is provided as columns for every process. In this tutorial, we examine the top command columns in detail. Top Command Dashboard The … Read more

Check and Sort CPU Usage with Top Command In Linux

Linux top command is used to monitor system resources and usage in an elegant way by using the terminal or command line interface. The top command mainly lists the processes and related resource usage like CPU, Memory, etc. The process CPU usage may provide lots of detailed information like interrupts, cache usage, etc which can … Read more

Linux Top Command Memory Usage Tutorial

Linux provides the top command in order to display system resource usage according to the CPU, process, memory, user, disk, etc. One of the most popular features is the ability to list processes according to their memory usage. In this tutorial, we examine how to use the top command to monitor Linux system memory usage … Read more

Copy and Rename File In Linux

Linux is a file-based operating system and in daily operation, we use the copy and rename operations lots of times. There are different commands and methods to copy and rename files in Linux. The cp command is used to copy file and mv command is used to rename files. Actually only the cp command can … Read more

Rename Folder Linux Command Line

Linux provides different commands in order to rename folders. The folder can be also called a directory which is used interchangeably with the term folder . In this tutorial, we examine how to rename a folder which is a very similar operation to moving a folder. We will only examine the renaming folder command line operations. Rename … Read more

Linux Rename File Command Tutorial

Linux provides the rename command in order to rename the file and mo them between directories. One of the advantages of the rename command is existing links to the file are not broken or unaffected. One of the most powerful features of the rename command is the ability to rename multiple files. In order to work with … Read more

How To Rename Files and Directories In Linux?

Renaming files and directories are very popular task done by regular users or administrators. We can rename files and directories by using Graphical User Interface (GUI) or via the command line interface. But advanced users or administrators generally prefer the command line interface. Because the command line interface provides multiple commands and different options to … Read more

How To Install Deb Package via Command Line Interface?

The Deb package is used to install software for Linux distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Kali etc. These distributions are called deb-based distributions as their default package management system is based on deb packages. The deb packages can be installed via the command line interface by using different commands and package managers which provide the … Read more

Install Deb Files In Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions with its packages. Ubuntu uses the deb packages in order to install software and tools. The deb packages contain binaries, documentation, libraries, and configurations of the application. The Ubuntu distribution uses the deb package in order to manage and install the software. We can install the … Read more